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Syrah 2011

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The 2011 syrah is rich with a colourful personality, which brings to life the world of the One Thousand and One Nights: images, feelings, fragrances appear from our memories.

Exciting, mysterious, Mediterranean character, which is both strong and soft, meaty and velvety.

It always shows something new: typical syrah notes (black pepper, black olives), herbs and rose oil in the nose. The dark fruitiness is complemented by the cocoa powder and hazelnut-chocolaty barrel notes. In the end everything comes together as in the stories.

Good choice with beef and roasts, spicy meals, exotic dishes, ripe cheese and bitter chocolate desserts.


Long and cold winter, warm and sunny spring, cooling down in July, but from August to October nice and long summer with warm days and cool nights. Harvest 2011 lasted between August 31st – October 13th under ideal weather conditions, a vintage we always dreamed of.

Dry red wine

Villány | Mandolás vineyard



We aim to show the spiciness, deep fruitiness and mature tannins in our Syrah. Two batches were separated, one went through more intense fermentation, the other had longer (one week) cold maceration followed by fermentation. The malolactic fermentation and maturation took place in barrels of 225 l made of Hungarian oak (Zemplen and Mecsek wood) and 15% American oak. Oak aging lasted 18 months, after which the two batches were blended.

ALCOHOL: 14,65 %



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