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Magnum wines

Duennium 2006 Magnum 1.5L

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It is a ripe and complex wine, the different varies frame a mature unity.

It has an explicit, upstanding and balanced structure with ripe tannins, vital acidity and velvety texture. The aromas are intense and complex with notes of ripe fruits (dark forest fruits), star anise, cedar, cinnamon and clove. The palate is massive but fruity at the same time. The rich flavour is dominated by caramel, tobacco and creamy chocolate mousse. It has a long-lasting
finish, …extension of the moment.


Good choice with venison, joint of beef and steaks. It is also recommended with dark chocolate desserts.

A splendid, elegant, very balanced vintage basically for all varieties. After late spring and a versatile summer, the whole autumn turned warm and sunny and this has rounded up the whole vintage nicely.

Villany, southwest of Hungary | Dobogo, Pillango and Mandolas vineyards

DUENNIUM is the „flagship“ of our winery – only made in the best vintages, produced from carefully selected grapes of the best vineyards.

Merlot 40%
Cabernet Franc 33%
Cabernet Sauvignon 27%


This is our sixth Duennium blended from Merlot,
Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon.
2006 vintage was concentrated and mature so we
applied long maceration on the skin (26-35 days)
and several delestage.

The malolactic fermentation and maturation took place in the barrels. Barrels: 225 l made out of Hungarian oak from Zemplen and Mecsek wood. Age: 50 % new and 50% 1 year old. During 18 month aging we selected the barrels with the strongest character and blended these.

ALCOHOL: 15,25 %


Monde Selection – Silver

Tonella Prestige Reserve – Top Wine

VinAgora – Silver

Austrian Wine Challenge – Silver

Challenge International du Vin– Bronze Medal

Pannon Wine Region Top 25, Hungary – Top Wine

Pillango 2012 Magnum 1.5L

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A complex, harmonious wine with a balanced structure, its character exceeds the expectations from a Merlot. It is comparable to a character that is calm, thorough and feels in harmony with itself, but at the same time vivid, lively and dynamic as well. In its intensive and inseparable world, the powerful burst of fruits (dried sour cherry, blackberry) is complemented by “sweet” spices, and the wonderful aftertaste features spices from the barrel-ageging (such as chocolate).

It pairs well with characteristic meat, game dishes with tangy – e.g. forest fruit – garnishes, but also with dark chocolate desserts.

A cold and snowy winter, followed by early blooming in the warm spring. With the hot and dry summer, harvest started already on 21 August, and since many varieties ripened at the same times, it was a very busy time of the year.

Similarly to the 2006 and 2009 vintages, full-bodied, thick, concentrated and fruity wines were produced.

Villány Wine Region, Pillangó vineyard This vineyard selection is from the oldest Merlot plantation of the Pillangó vineyard, representing the finest values of the area. Most of the vineyard is a plateau leading to a western aspect slope. It is named after its shape resembling a butterfly spreading its wings.


We have been harvesting fine Merlot grapes from the Pillangó vineyard, planted in 1995. In order to highlight fruitiness, maturation begins at a low temperature. Fermentation with grape skins took a total of 23 days. Both malolactic fermentation and maturation took place in barrique barrels. Barrels: 225 l; made
of Zemplén and Mecsek oak; ages: 60% new, 20% two-year-old, 20% older.

We selected the best barrels in the course of the 16-month maturation, and these were independently bottled under the PILLANGÓ name.

ALCOHOL: 13.46 %


AWC Vienna 2018 – GOLD

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