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Classicus line

Our Classicus wines are all light, fruity, easy-to-understand wines with short-term aging. The ancient legend of Villány can be read on their labels: the story of the Devil who fell in love with a girl and had to plough the earth on the mountain (Szársomlyó).

Premium line

These wines were aged in small barrels, they are concentrated and elegant. They are the heart of our assortment and the essence of our work. To our greatest pleasure, these wines perform well in national and international contests.

Variation line

Our variation line is all about experimentation. These wines are somehow different from the usual. During the maturation we use amphorae, breathing vessels, so that we have the opportunity to show the unmistakable villány character of the vineyards in a slightly different way.

Selection line

Big wines, small amounts: these are our selection wines. We would like to show the unique value of our vineyards, so we create these wines from the best harvest of the most beautiful vineyards, and of their best barrel items – exclusively from the best vintages.

Magnum wines

During maturation in bottles, the wine is enriched with special aromas, which is influenced by getting in touch with oxygen. Our 1.5-litres bottles can hold at least twice as much wine as regular bottles, while the oxygen between the surface of the wine and the stopper is the same. Thus, in Magnum bottles, wine can evolve more slowly, evenly and in a more elegant way. For wine-lovers, it is a special experience to taste wine held in Magnum bottles and discover the differences.

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