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Professional wine-tasting or just curiosity for wine? Everyone will get the amount of knowledge they are thirsty for. We gladly introduce our guests to the process of winemaking and demonstrate what happens throughout the year in the cellar and the vineyard.

Each wine-tasting includes a line of 5 different wines. The tasting amount is 0.5 dl for every type of wine.


Our offers:

Classicus line

Our Classicus wines are all light, fruity, easy-to-understand wines with short-term aging. The ancient legend of Villány can be read on their labels: the story of the Devil who fell in love with a girl and had to plough the earth on the mountain (Szársomlyó).

Price of wine-tasting: 2 100 HUF


Premium line

These wines were aged in small barrels, they are concentrated and elegant. They are the heart of our assortment and the essence of our work. To our greatest pleasure, these wines perform well in national and international contests.

Price of wine-tasting: 3 100 HUF


Selection line

Big wines, small amounts: these are our selection wines. We would like to show the unique value of our vineyards, so we create these wines from the best harvest of the most beautiful vineyards, and of their best barrel items – exclusively from the best vintages.

Price of wine-tasting: 3 800 HUF


Wine-tasting and guided tours to the cellars are available in English and German.