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Our team

We believe that the quality of wine is mainly determined by the grape. Fine wine can be made only with excellent grapes since we start with the fundaments even when building a house.

We believe in nature, each other and ourselves. All of our knowledge and belief is embodied here. From the beginning, our goal is to make the best possible wine. The best of our knowledge represents the guarantee behind the wines bearing the Vylyan label as we are well aware that trust is of great value.

We believe that all the love and care we put into wine will be experienced by the wine consumer, as well. We are confident that those who drink our wines (in moderation) will somehow become a better person.

We believe in the interrelationship between wine and art. All values that are natural, stylish and authentic have entered the life of Vylyan due to our internal needs and yearning for art. This is why we have created our artistic label competition, the Artistic Barrel (Művészi Hordó) exhibition, the Ördögkatlan (Devil’s Cauldron) festival which will hopefully provide additional experience to many, apart from our wines.

Debreczeni Mónika

Debreczeni Mónika

estate manager

Debreczeni Pál

Debreczeni Pál ✞


Tóth Sándor Vylyan borász

Tóth Sándor


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