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As opposed to the prevalent model in the wine region, we have built the center of the estate right at the heart of our vineyards on the Fekete-hegy (Black Mountain) in Kisharsány. This move itself reflects our tight relationship to the whole winegrowing region and our own vineyards.

From the very beginning, our aim was to make the best possible wine that carries the characteristics of the Villány region. We have applied historical knowledge and experience and adjusted their use to match the challenges of contemporary winemaking. This philosophy is also reflected in our use of environmentally friendly solutions at the vineyards. Our 100- hectare large plantations established between the years of 1992 and 2004 face south or south-east at a density of 7,000 vines/hectare. Their yield is moderate: an average load of 40 hl/ha.

We shape our winemaking from harvest by keeping in mind the characteristics of the grapes and the year, without any fixed “recipe”. We are raising the grapes as if they were children, and help them fulfill themselves. Incoming grapes upon harvesting will undergo multiple sorting steps. Aging takes place in 225 litre barrels made of French and Hungarian oak as well as 15 beautiful storage barrels. Depending on the type and vintage, red wines spend 12-18 months in the barrel and leave the cellar after aging in bottles for at least 3-4 months.

Dobogó (platform)

Located on Fekete-hegy (Black Mountain), next to the winery. An area with an intense southern slope where our Cabernet Sauvignon wine can especially show its beautiful face.


Due to its southern exposure and cauldron-type shape, it retains warmth very well. An ideal place for Bordeaux varieties (predominantly Cabernet Franc) and our Syrah grapes.

Pillangó (butterfly)

A major part of this vineyard is situated on a plateau, ending in a westward slope. We have planted here our white varieties as well as Portugieser and Kékfrankos, and our oldest Merlot vineyard yielding silky, fine wines is also located here.

Városhegy (city hill)

A plateau as well as a south-facing area with almost constant wind conditions. Our lighter varieties (Zweigelt, Kadarka, Portugieser, Kékfrankos) and our grapes forming the basis of rosé are harvested here.

Gombás (mushroom)

This cool vineyard facing east can be accessed through a small forest belt. Its soil has more clay and is heavier, most of our Pinot Noir can be found here, since this place is very convenient for this variety.


„The sun is shining, the sky is blue, the grass is green. Grapes are growing. Wine is fermented and laid down. People are working and hoping, with their concerns and happiness. They enjoy the fruits of their work and are happy to show them to others. This has been the case since the beginning of time, as it is now. Whosoever has been captivated by the world of grapes and wine, will be eternally bound to this world. This is just how we feel, at Vylyan. Our wines tell stories about this passion.”


Hungary’s most famous red wine growing region. In addition to the unique features of the terroir, the soul of the wines and the charm of this wine region is given by centuries-old wine tradition, the famous Villány cooperation, the faith and work of people living here.

Villány, naturally!

  • The number of sunshine hours in the country is highest here, in South Baranya.
  • Here lies the southernmost mountain of Hungary, which protects the grapes from cool north winds.
  • Here can be found Hungary’s purest limestone, forming the basis of the production site.

Villány – in the forefront

  • It is home to most domestic protected plans and animals and the only habitat of Hungarian crocus.
  • The first domestic stronghold of wine tourism: the still functioning Villányi Borút (Villány Wine Tour) was the one first brought to life in Hungary.
  • Four of the region’s wine producers have received the “Winemaker of the Year” and the “Winery of the Year” award.
  • First to introduce an origin protection system for a wine region.
  • The largest number of natural and organically cultivated vineyards in the country – hence the “Villány, naturally” motto.

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