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KAKAS Rose 2019

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Lovable rosé a la Vylyan: delicate, elegant but still lively and fruity. It catches our eyes by a beautiful appearance and continues to impress by a world of fragrances– reminiscent of aromatherapy!

Exotic fruits domineer the palate: refreshing peach and pineapple are followed by lychee notes and flowery nuances.

Suits when served chilled as an aperitif or with light dishes like salads and poultry roasts.


The vintage of 2019 featured cooler weather (following a warm spring) and average precipitation. The high annual heat had a positive impact on ripening

– taste, scent and aromatic notes are quite concentrated in wines from this vintage. The months around the harvest had low volume of rain, long periods of sunshine and cool nights, enabling us the work with grapes that have high levels of acidity.

Dry rose wine

WINE REGION: Villany | Városhegy, Mandolás and Dobogó vineyards

68, 05 % Pinot Noir, 31, 95 % Merlot

We choose the vineyards especially for rosé. After the harvest we press the grapes in whole cluster, so it results in fine and clear must. Grapes is pressed right away, without maceration; this gives the wine a bright and rosy tone. Alcoholic fermentation is done in stainless steel; the temperature kept between 16 and 20°C, then batches are blended. We store the wine in the tanks in order to keep the natural CO2.

ALCOHOL: 12.47 %


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