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Gombás 2008

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It is a true Pinot Noir that represents the endless diversity of the variety. The Mediterranean aroma intensity of this tight structure; the long lasting and lively acids; and also the cool elegance contribute to this sophisticated harmony.

The rich fragrance is filled with the unique spiciness of pinot: with the scent of fallen leaves and mushrooms, earthy notes, and also flowers and herbs in its bouquet. Rich aromas in taste: the intense fruit-driven style (berry fruits) is followed by sweet oak notes (caramel, white chocolate, cinnamon) and aromas of dried figs, tobacco, chestnut, red tea and mint that accentuates with a long lasting finish.

Its complexity makes it a good match with many kinds of dishes. It is a fine companion with lamb and duck, also with roasts and goat cheese.

Dry red wine

Villány | Gombás vineyard

Pinot Noir


Grapes were harvested from Gombás vineyard. We put the destemmed grapes (trying to preserve the berries, without crushing) to the open wooden vats. After 7 days long cold maceration (at 8-12°C) maceration’s total period was 20 days on the skin. We applied plunging (by feet also) to crush and open up berries. Maturation took place in light and middle toasted Hungarian oak barrels of 225 litres. Age: 1/3 new, 1/3 1 year old, 1/3 2 years old. During 12 months aging we selected only the most beautiful barrels and these were bottled separate as GOMBÁS selection.

ALCOHOL: 13,64%


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