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Corporate events

Vylyan Terrace may be the perfect location for business meetings, company gatherings, exclusive receptions or team-building events. Our staff and partners gladly help realize individual ideas.


Board meetings

Our Tasting room is equipped with a projector and a screen, so it is convenient for holding discussions, conferences and meetings. Our winery has broadband internet connection all over the premises.


Team building

In relation to wine and the spirit of the place we offer games with more serious (tour from Palkonya with picnic and wine-tasting stops) and more fun (target-throw with corks, barrel-rolling slalom, wine recognition, wine-pool) challenges. As with all our programs, we are pleased to take on the role of organizing and moderating these events.


Cellar visit

We gladly organize cellar visits for company groups where they can hear about the history and the legends of the region. Participants follow the route of winemaking, from the grape intake zone to the cellar where wines are matured. This tour most naturally includes a wine-tasting as well.



Many would like to gain insight into the exciting world of wine. We offer a “crash course” in viticulture and oenology among our company programs, where participants learn about winemaking. As a special, we also offer the opportunity for company groups to create their own wine in our “Blend your wine” program – we reveal the secrets of marrying the wine elements.