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Corporate events



The Vylyan Estate is located in an enchanting natural environment, far from busy urban settings. The Mediterranean-style terrace offers a dazzling panorama of the vineyard slopes throughout the region. The location is truly magical, which is further enhanced in every season by our staff with the introduction of new wines, meals and experiences, as well as unforgettable programmes.

The facilities satisfy any demand, for both individual or group-based holidays, active recreation or business-related meetings.


We can provide customised services, tailored to your unique expectations – with closely overseeing organisation tasks, we ensure that your ideal programme and event is implemented flawlessly.

Our winery is the perfect venue for:

  • business meetings,
  • corporate events,
  • exclusive receptions,
  • team-building trainings, or
  • events with high attendance numbers (even for several hundred participants).

The experienced staff of the Vylyan Winery and our partners can support the successful implementation of your custom events. Our versatile programme options include:

  • Cellar visit, wine-tasting

Insight to the history and legends of the wine region in the course of a guided tour of the cellar, during which the participants follow the route of winemaking, from the grape intake zone to the cellar.

  • Vineyard tour

Tours of vineyard with professional guidance are true delicacies, available from spring to autumn, covering all corners of the Vylyan estate and presenting the hidden wonders of these areas.

  • Company winemaking

Viticulture and winemaking 101 – introduction to the process of winemaking, insight to the secrets of blending through creating a proprietary corporate wine (blend your own wine).

  • Wide range of cultural and sports activities

For multi-day events we offer general programme schedules with the following optional elements: walking tour, spa visit, horseback riding, archery, horse-drawn carriage rides, bike tour, theatre events.


For relaxation after (or during) work, we serve the cold snacks and freshly prepared warm dishes, as well as the meals made from local ingredients (freshly baked sourdough bread, hand-craft cheese variants, grilled dishes, hamburgers) on our pleasant terrace or in the tasting hall.


A medley of wine, gastronomy and locally-inspired games with funny exercises.

  • Barrel-rolling slalom: teams compete in rolling barrels at a specified distance, the winner will be the one rolling the barrel along in the shortest period of time.
  • Target-throw with corks: members of the team have to hit the target from a given distance using corks.
  • Wine activity: teams act, describe or draw familiar phrases according to the traditional rules of Activity.
  • Wine quiz: funny test on the information acquired during the cellar visit and wine-tasting, through filling in the wine quiz form.
  • Corking: teams have to cork the most bottles within a specified time and then open them using the corkscrew.


Through are partners we can provide accommodation for any demand. You don’t have to work out the details of reservation, we are administering everything.


If requested, through our partners we provide shuttle transportation to our clients from Pécs and Budapest.


Covered terrace for 80 guests (with heaters)

Tasting hall for 20 guests


high-bandwidth WiFi service


Since customer satisfaction is of foremost importance to us, we create unique, customised quotations for each of our clients. To get your own offer, please contact our staff  who will learn about your demands and provide you with a tailored service package including prices as well.