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Corporate events

Wine is an integral part of our culture and our everyday lives, just think of a gathering of family and friends. Why should this be different in business?


Corporate events

Our company is endowed to satisfy every need, be it relaxation, active holiday or business and private events. Our terrace provides comfortable space for up to 80 visitors. Our tasting salon accommodating 20 people with a projector and broadband WiFi service is an ideal venue for meetings and conferences. The specific events can be made more colourful by cultural and sporting programmes (such as theatre visits in Pécs, Siklós castle visits, hiking and bike tours).

Wine-related team building in Vylyan style

One important feature of wine is that it helps bring people closer together. We offer a popular programme package in the form of proven team building in a fantastic atmosphere, including wine, gastronomy and games related to the spirit of the place (e. g. barrel rolling, wine tasting quiz and wine-related activities). It is always good to see that the encouraging power of wine and the playful spirit creates a liberated atmosphere and an increasingly cohesive community spirit. Without doubt, adults also love to play, especially in a beautiful environment, surrounded by wine.

Gross cost of the package (with wines, multiple meals, programmes): HUF 17,000.00/person

The winning team is awarded a Vylyan magnum bottle and everyone will be rewarded with a Vylyan premium wine upon leaving.

Organisation – All from a single source

If you are looking for a personalised experience, Vylyan’s expert team is happy to help you find what you are looking for. We are always open to individual needs and ideas, as well. Please ask for further details of our offer!


If you need any additional assistance, please contact us. 

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