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2017  vintage Pinot is fresh and bright with nice red fruity character. The charm is given by his natural beauty. Rich and complex, well balanced in taste: the fruit-driven style (sour cherry, cherry, strawberry) is in tune with subtle oak notes (clove, herbs, green tea, cinnamon, punch, milk chocolate) which accentuates the lingering finish.

This wine seduces with its elegance and finesse. It’s like a ballet dancer, delicate and fragile but lusty and full of zip!

From the outset we believe wine and art belong together. We asked seven contemporary Hungarian writers and poets to draw inspiration from the premium wines of Vylyan Winery. From the essence of poems and short stories the creating hand conjured up artistic drawings, and we now present the result to the world on the Vylyan bottles. The drawings reflect the soul of the wines on paper, as the artists see them.

You can read here the story of Pinot Noir.

Good match with various dishes like lamb or duck.


The coldest winter and the earliest vintage ever! We had a real, cold, long-lasting winter with minus degrees. Flowering in late May, good warm summer, with enough wet. The early harvest started on the 17th of August with pinot noir rosé harvest. We harvested mature, healthy and rich grapes, with beautiful colour.

Dry red wine

Villány | Gombás-dűlő, Várerdő-dűlő


100% Pinot Noir


We put the destemmed grapes (trying to preserve the berries, without crushing) to the open wooden vats. After 5-7 days long cold maceration (at 8-12°C) maceration’s total period was 17-20 days on the skin. We applied plunging (by feet also) to crush and open up berries. Maturation took place in light and middle toasted Hungarian oak barrels of 225 litres. Age: 1/3 new, 1/3 1 year old, 1/3 2 years old. Bottling after 12 months.

ALCOHOL: 13,56 %



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