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On eof our most popular wines in this Blaufrankisch or Kékfrankos. It shows the unique character of the variety in an honest and pure manner, creating a powerful and lively wine with the typically vivid acidity. This is why we love it.

From the outset we believe wine and art belong together. We asked seven contemporary Hungarian writers and poets to draw inspiration from the premium wines of Vylyan Winery. From the essence of poems and short stories the creating hand conjured up artistic drawings, and we now present the result to the world on the Vylyan bottles. The drawings reflect the soul of the wines on paper, as the artists see them.

You can read here the story of Kékfrankos.

It pairs well with spicy, yet not overwhelmingly heavy dishes, and also works perfectly in itself, musing on the uniqueness of the Blaufrankisch.


After an early spring the first frost also bit early. We were lucky to avoid frost, blizzards and then had a pleasantly warm summer without major temperature variations, adequate volume of precipitation, ensuring that grapes can develop steadily. The harvest began when school starts, on 1 September, and we had above-the-average “summer-like” weather for the whole months. As the saying of French winemakers goes: summer provided quantity, and the wonderful September provided quality.

We harvested healthy grapes with fine acidity and sugar content. Maturation was slow and steady, favouring the perfection of zesty aromas.

Dry red wine

Villány wine region | Városhegy vineyard


Open-tank fermentation with two brief pumpings over each day. It was kept with the grape skins for two weeks and fermented for 10 days. After fermentation wines are matured in 225-litre Hunharian oak barrels with the ages: one-third new, one-third one and two-year-old, and one-third older. The wine was bottled after 12-month ageing in barrels.

ALCOHOL: 12,94 %

CONSUME AT: 16-17 ˚C

AWC Vienna 2019 – Silver

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