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Cabernet Franc 2015 Magnum (1,5 liter)

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We are sure that the Villanyi Franc has a mission in the world. For us this wine represents the highest complexity that can be achieved from the Villany grapes.

The variety has set its roots in the Villany soil and has found its home here forever. As have we.

 According to the renewed Villány appellation control system, “Villányi Franc” apellation is a carefully selected 100% cabernet franc – the flagship brand of the wine region.

As Michael Broadbent says, “Cabernet Franc has found its natural home in Villány.”

Villányi Franc is the embodiment of elegance and harmony.

Favoured with beef, roasts, game dishes, stews, ripe cheese and bitter chocolate desserts.


Excellent, extremely sunny, hot summer with a couple of heat alerts, but the vines were not frightened.

We started the harvest on the 1st of September and the ideal, warm, dry weather lasted till the middle of October. The harvested grape was harmonic, well-balanced and concentrated, the wine became fresh and lively in colour.

Dry red wine

WINE REGION: Villány | Mandolás-vineyard


The harvest was during the cooler October, so we applied cold maceration in the beginning, to enchance fruitiness.

Maceration on the skin took place in closed vats and lasted for 25 days, on 26-28°C. For extraction first we used opened and after closed pumping over. Malolactic fermentation and maturation took place in barrels. Barrels: 225 l made out of Hungarian oak from Zemplen and Mecsek wood. Age: 30 % new, 40% 1-2 year old, 30% older.

Bottled after 13 months.

ALCOHOL: 13,81 %


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