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BELZEBUB Cuvée 2016

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ÖRDÖG is the blend of local varieties in the classicus product range, named after the Devil in love in the traditional Villány legend. It is not the finesse, but the liveliness that makes it popular.

This blend of local varieties is best characterised by its chewy, meaty, attracting structure. The ripe fruitiness evokes the notes of blueberry and blackberry, while the spiciness reflects notes of clove and cardamom. In the aftertaste the taste and texture reminiscent of cocoa powder also appear.

It pairs perfectly with paprika dishes, Italian pasta, roasts, ragouts and not overly tangy cheese.


After an early spring the first frost also bit early. We were lucky to avoid frost, blizzards and then had a pleasantly warm summer without major temperature variations, adequate volume of precipitation, ensuring that grapes can develop steadily. The harvest began when school starts, on 1 September, and we had above-the-average “summer-like” weather for the whole months. As the saying of French winemakers goes: summer provided quantity, and the wonderful September provided quality.

We harvested healthy grapes with fine acidity and sugar content. Maturation was slow and steady, favouring the perfection of zesty aromas.

Dry red wine

Villány wine region | Városhegy- and Mandolás vineyards

Zweigelt 40%, Kékfrankos 30%, Merlot12%, Cabernet Sauvignon 9%, Pinot noir 9%


Each grape variety was processed and vinified separately, after careful separation. After fermentation wines are matured in large older barrels (50%), older barrique barrels (30% – made of Zemplén and Mecsek oak) and tanks (20%) for one year, followed by the blending of each of them.

ALCOHOL: 12,96 %

CONSUME AT: 15-16 ˚C

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