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Vylyan Terrace is not just a place to drink wine: it offers an abundance of programs – whether it’s a picnic for two, an intimate concert or a loud festival. Something always happens here!

We enjoy all the liveliness and smiles on the Terrace, when it’s filled with poets, musicians, actors and of course our guests. This is how wine becomes a real celebration for us all.

We have events all through the year: at the end of January it’s the day of the patron of wine, Vince, which celebration was revived in Villány by our winery. Whoever misses this can still join the Borzsongás (WineBuzz) Festival and welcome the wakening of spring with us. Approaching summer, the Midsummer Night feast in June is followed by the unique spirited Ördögkatlan (Devil’s Cauldron) Festival in August, to which we are also cofounders. Fall is the celebration of harvest and new wine, accompanied by traditional harvest festivals at us.