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Villányi RedY 2017

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What is REDy?

The local wine-makers created a brand new brand that highlights the easy-going and smiling face of Villány wine region. REDy is the latest community bistro wine or perfect party wine for the Y-generation what’s light bodied and fruity & also does promise a lot of fun and party while still being exciting and just cool.  It’s just like its makers: the young and forever-young winemakers of Villány. REDy is a portugieser-based blend that can have other local variates of Villány.

It is a good match with lighter Hungarian and international cuisine like tapas plates, starters and pastas.


The coldest winter and the earliest vintage ever! We had a real, cold, long-lasting winter with minus degrees. Flowering in late May, good warm summer, with enough wet. The early harvest started on the 17th of August with pinot noir rosé harvest. We harvested mature, healthy and rich grapes, with beautiful colour.

Dry red wine


Pillangó (Butterfly) vineyard – South and South-West facing
Városhegy – East facing and plateau

Portugieser 61%, Blaufränkisch 20%, Zweigelt 19%


The accent is on fruitiness; in practice it means maceration on the skin was shorter, 13-14 days at a temperature of 28-30°C. Malolactic fermentation took place in stainless steel tanks and aging took place in 6000 l oak barrels and stainless steel tanks.

BOTTLED from April 2018.

ALCOHOL: 12,23 %

CONSUME AT: 12-15 ˚C

Portugieser Du Monde 2018 | Champion, Gold

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