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Pinot Noir 2011

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This wine is about beauty and light elegance with a clear and straight Pinot character of refined spiciness.

To the joy of all enthusiastsof this variety an intense and unmistakable fragrance rolls out of the glass. Strawberry, rosehip, roses, herbs aromas mix up with orange, marzipan and chocolate aromas. Pinot Noir is an exciting variety, because it develops and changes in the bottle, making it an adventure to follow its progress through the years.

Open up your senses and let the wine and your imagination unfold!

Good match with flavourful, not too heavy dishes. As it changes its character, it can be matched with various dishes: the young pinot goes well with meat with fruits, when it is more mature it suits lamb and duck dishes. It is exciting to try with goat cheese and goose liver


Long and cold winter; warm and sunny spring; cooling down in July, but from August to October nice and long summer with warm days, cool nights. Harvest 2011: August 31st – October 13th under ideal harvest weather conditions, a vintage we always dreamed of.

Dry red wine

Villány | Gombás and Várerdő vineyards

Pinot Noir

Avoiding crushing to preserve the berries, the harvested and destemmed grapes were placed in open vats. After 7 days of cold maceration at 8–12 °C temperature a further 10-12 days of maceration was applied. Plunging then helped crush and open further up the berries. Malolactic fermentation and maturation took place in 225 litre Hungarian oak barrels of mixed age (33% new, 33 % one year old and 34 % two years old).

The wine was bottled after 12 months of ageing.

ALCOHOL: 13,24 %


Mondial Des Pinots 2015 | Silver

Finger Lakes Wine Competition | Silver


Széchenyi 2020 - Vylyan

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