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MACSKA Portugieser 2015

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In the Villany wine region portugieser is a variety that can be found in every cellar. In the ‘Legend of the devilplowed hill’ it is represented by the cat.

We couldn’t live everyday life without it.A thirst-quenchingly fruity, nice and easygoing wine that ‘purrs’ and flatters – a wine that feels good to drink every day!The varietal specific red berries on the nose are rounded off by a combination of sour cherry, plum and sloe on the palate. Its tannins are soft and velvety.

It is a good match with lighter Hungarian dishes, fish for example, and Italian starters and pastas.


Excellent, extremely sunny, hot summer with a couple of heat alerts, but the vines were not frightened. We started the harvest on the 1st of September and the ideal, warm, dry weather lasted till the middle of October. The harvested grape was harmonic, well-balanced and concentrated, the wine became fresh and lively in colour.

Dry red wine

Villány | Pillangó- and Városhegy vineyards


Accent was placed on fruitiness, therefore maceration on the skin was kept relatively short: 8-11 days
at 28–30 °C temperature.Malolactic fermentation was then run in stainless steel tanks and the aging took place in a combination of 6000 litre oak barrels and stainless steel tanks.

ALCOHOL: 11,78 %


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