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HЁRKA Chardonnay 2017

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An elegant, round and creamy Chardonnay with varietal character. The fresh ‘autumn’ fruitiness of apple and pear is complemented by the subtle elegance of clove, vanilla and cinnamon spices.

Our chardonnay is round, fresh and ethereal, like the character it is named after. In the ancient legend of Villány HЁRKA is the beautiful maiden, whom the devil couldn’t resist.

It is great chilled as an aperitif. It is a good companion with cream sauces and soups, such as vegetable cream soup or béchamel, white meat and fish, or grilled vegetables.


The  coldest  winter  and  the  earliest vintage  ever! We  had  a  real,  cold,  long-lasting  winter  with  minus  degrees. Flowering  in  late  May,  good  warm summer,  with  enough  wet. The  early  harvest  started  on  the  17th  of  August  with  pinot  noir  rosé  harvest. We  harvested  mature,  healthy  and  rich  grapes,  with  beautiful  colour.

Dry white wine

Villány | Pillangó vineyard, Plateau



The harvested grapes were pressed in whole clusters. 2/3 of the must was then fermented in steel tanks at a temperature between 16–20 °C while 1/3 in 225 litre Hungarian oak barrels for 4 months. The lees were stirred several times using the ‘batonnage’ technique – helping the wine develop a rounder, creamier, fuller character.

The two batches were finally blended.

ALCOHOL: 13,56 %

CONSUME AT: 10 -11˚C

Széchenyi 2020 - Vylyan

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