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CSÓKA 2015

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Limited edition, recommended for fans of native tastes!

The Csóka grape is an ideal variety for wine production as its clusters have small fruits that rich in acids and sugar – contributing to a long taste. Considering its content and texture Csóka is richer than Kadarka but not as heavy as Blaufränkisch. It can produce a medium-bodied, lively and energetic wine with bright acidity and tannins. This wine has a rich varietal character with deep colour and beautiful spicy aromas, complemented with refreshing, lingering fruitiness.


Csóka is an autochthon Hungarian grape variety in the Pannonian Basin that already grew in local vineyards even before Kadarka but for today it practically disappeared. It was named after its dark blue, almost black clusters. Csóka couldn’t stand quantity production, and the variety practically disappeared, it was only rescued in the gene bank of the University of Pécs Research Institute for Viniculture and Oenology. For its awakening we have grafted a part of our Kadarka plantation with the “rescued Csóka grape” from the gene bank. Our aim was to establish this rarity again and bottle it year by year, as the emblem of the past. The ‘experiment’ was successful!


Recommended with spicy but not too heavy meat dishes, or even just for itself, brooding in small sips.


Excellent, extremely sunny, hot summer with a couple of heat alerts, but the vines were not frightened.

We started the harvest on the 1st of September and the ideal, warm, dry weather lasted till the middle of October. The harvested grape was harmonic, well-balanced and concentrated, the wine became fresh and lively in colour.

Dry red wine

Villány, Mandolás vineyard


The fermentation of this micro-batch took place in little open vats with several short pumping overs. The malolactic fermentation and maturation took place in 3-4 years old 225 litre Hungarian oak barrels – bottling followed then a 6-month barrel ageing period.


CONSUME AT: 14-15 °C


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