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Cabernet Sauvignon 2012

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Harmonious, rich wine with varietal character marked further by the terroir of Villány. Cabernet Sauvignon is a real ‘world traveller’, who has seen a lot and knows a lot. It frequently comes into and goes out of fashion, but this does not bother the sauvignon. It performs reliably, it is always rich and capable of long cellar aging as it does in vintage 2011, too.

Ripe fruits of mulberry, prune, and blackcurrant with spices of cocoa, aniseed and tobacco unfold in its warm scent. The sip is round and the tannins nicely blend in the sturdy structure. This balanced combination leaves its mark in the long lasting finish, as well.

Good choice with beef stews and roasts, feels gratifying during heavy meals.


White and cold winter; warm and sunny spring with early blooming; hot and dry summer – start of ripening at the end of July. Because of the hot summer days the harvest already started on the 21st of August and lasted until the 19th of October under ideal weather conditions.

Dry red wine

Villány | Dobogó vineyard

Cabernet Sauvignon


The fermentation and maceration was slow and evenly balanced. The whole period for the two parts lasted 21–29 days at 26–28 °C temperature. The malolactic fermentation and maturation took place in 225 litre Hungarian oak barrels of mixed age (30 % new, 20 % one year old and 50 % older).

The wine was bottled after 17 months of ageing.

ALCOHOL: 13,95 %


Széchenyi 2020 - Vylyan

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