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BOSZORKÁNY Riesling 2017

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The wine is named after a character of the ancient legend of Villány: the Witch, the wise mother. A harmonic blend of Welsch- and Rhine Riesling, made reductive and marked by citrus zest with vivid acidity and typical Riesling fragrance. Juicy notes of lemon, golden apple and grapefruit refreshing the palate with a nice tart lingering and a hint of white pepper. Perfect sipping wine, enjoy while young and fresh.

Serve well chilled (9-10˚C) as an aperitif or with fish, white meat and salads.


The coldest winter and the earliest vintage ever! We had a real, cold, long-lasting winter with minus degrees. Flowering in late May, good warm summer, with enough wet. The early harvest started on the 17th of August with pinot noir rosé harvest. We harvested mature, healthy and rich grapes, with beautiful colour

Dry white wine

Villány | Pillangó- and Dobogó vineyards

Welschriesling (70%), Rhine Riesling (30%)

The grapes were vinified separately. Alcoholic fermentation (in stainless steel tanks; at 16 – 20°C) was followed by the blending. The wine did not go through on malolactic fermentation in order to keep the natural acidity. We store the wine in the tanks in order to keep the natural carbon dioxide.

ALCOHOL: 12,7 %


Széchenyi 2020 - Vylyan

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