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BOGYÓLÉ 2018 (Primeur)

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It’s the “Beaujolais nouveau” of the slopes of Villány. Bogyole is a word-play and means juice (=lé) of the berry (=bogyó).

The first wine of the vintage is made differently than other reds, fermented in whole cluster excluding oxygen so the wine is born inside the berries. The result is unmistakable primeur like character, fresh and bursting wine with delightful aromas of fresh fruitiness with tutti frutti, punch and banana nuances. Opening a bottle will make you smile.

Most delicious when it is cheekily young so don’t wait to long to open up a Bogyole; we suggest consuming it cooler at 12-13 ْC. Good companion with traditional goose dishes.

We await the moment of each year when the new born wines open the gate to of the new vintage.

It is also well known that for twelve years now, Vylyan’s design tender for the label of Bogyólé, we have been giving the opportunity to art students at the Graphic Design Faculties of Hungarian Universities. By designing the label the students get the chance to introduce their talent to a wider audience while “Beaujolais” of the slopes of Villány can debut with new label costume year by year.

Most delicious when it is served with traditional goose dishes!


The earliest vintage ever! We had a real, cold, long-lasting winter with minus degrees. Flowering in late May, good warm summer, with enough wet. The early harvest started on the first days of August with pinot noir rosé harvest. We harvested mature, healthy and rich grapes, with beautiful colour.

The first red wine of the vintage 2018

Villány wine region | Városhegy-vineyard

Zweigelt (80%), Portugieser (20%)


This wine is made differently from other reds, the process called carbonic maceration or whole berry fermentation. That means: whole bunches of freshly picked, uncrushed grapes are in the vats filled with carbon dioxide. Temperature was kept between 22 and 29 °C. At the beginning the wine starts fermenting without oxygen for 4-5 days, so the wine is born inside the berries. Fermentation ends after pressing. This technique preserves the fresh, fruity quality of the wine.


CONSUME AT: 12-13 ˚C

“Typical” Beaujolais nouveau like, thus we suggest consuming it cooler than red wines in general.

Széchenyi 2020 - Vylyan

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