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2011. November 23. Wednesday


Christmas is coming soon and since we know Santa needs some help with the preparations, we are organising an ART FAIR AND GASTRO MARKET on the first Sunday of Advent, at the Finissage of BOGYÓLÉ BEST OF (2005-2011) exhibition in Pécs. We invited local artists who started their carrier at the art schools and University of Pécs not so long ago.

The ART FAIR fair is a community event, a lifestyle with its unique hand-made products and art works. Spend the first Sunday of Advent with us (instead of going to the mall) in a pleasant and friendly environment, where you can meet talented artists and designers and by delicious home-made goods!

There will be canvas repros, porcelain jewellery, stone sculptures, wire sculptures, bags sewed of ties, graphics, paintings, and in the gastro section the taste of the region: cheese variations from the near Ormánság area, home made jams from Pécs, and of course Vylyan wines from Villany wineregion.

...and don’t miss the Bogyólé label exhibition!

Meet us!
Location: Hattyúház Galery, Pécs, Király utca 15. 1st floor
Date: 27th November 2011 – First Sunday of Advent – from 10 am. to 6 pm.


Balázs Bubreg visual artist – designer (canvas repros, designer goods)
Ilka Fürtös applied artist (porcelain jewellery)
Blanka Gajcsi goldsmith (jewellery)
Andor Emil Kiss sculptor (stones)
Ágota Kovács (wire sculpture)
Edina Simon painter (textile)
Imre Sófalvi "GOBE" (graphics, paintings)

Vylyan Winery (wines:)
István Németh (cheese variations from Ormánság)
Pezsgőház Restaurant (home-made jams by István Faragó)