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2011. November 7. Monday

A Vylyan “Vinitor” and Two Pinots - Erzsébet Jonasson’s Thoughts on GOMBÁS Pinot Noir Selection

The Vinitor

Erzsébet Jonasson our “Vinitor” was appointed four years ago at the “Winery of the Year” Gala at the Four Seasons Hotel, in Budapest.

Who is she? Besides Erzsébet being a great friend of ours, she is also a wine expert a the serious ambassador of Hungarian wines. In the 90s she was a wine merchant in Sweden raising the publicity of Hungarian wines and also selling them. She used to ran a wine club in Sweden and now she is doing exactly the same in France, educating people on Hungarian wines. At Vylyan we cooked together, shared culinary delights, and with her guidance we developed and shaped our gastronomy. Why does she do it? Because of her affection! That is also the reason why we gave her this award.

The word “vinitor” recalls the Roman times, when Romans enriched the viniculture in Villány and Siklós.  Giving this title to people is our way of tribute to those who have done a lot for Hungarian wine culture and for Vylyan wines. In 2007 the Vylyan Vinitor award was given to András Kepes (journalist and author) and Zoltán Szalay (photographer). In 2008 Erzsébet and Tamás Lakner (chorister, convivial song singer of Pécs, main organiser of international convivival wine song festivals) were appointed Vylyan Vinitors. It was a surprise for them, so we all were part of some very moving moments, Erzsébet cried some happy tears while Tamás started singing some convivial songs.  

..and the Pinot

We tasted 2008 Pinot Noir and GOMBÁS selection with Erzsébet in September:

Vylyan: Do you have a favourite Vylyan wine?

Erzsébet Jonasson: Yes, Pinot Noir and Cabernet Franc. Pinot was love at first sight, it was the only wine taken in by the Swedish Monopoly. In 2001, on the first day, all the 180 bottles of 1998 Vylyan Pinot Noirs were sold out!

It is unbelievable that you even remember the number of bottles... And why do you think it was Pinot?

EJ:  In Vylyan Pinots I usually find what I’m looking for and love about the variety. I love Burgundy pinots, but the good ones are usually very expensive. And those that are available at lower prices are usually more humble and “washed out”..
I love your pinots because the price range is very good in international comparison too.

V: Lets start with Pinot Noir 2008!

EJ: It is a pleasant wine that makes you happy, it is not too complicated, you can enjoy it day by day. Good match with various dishes and events. This wine is adaptable, just like women...:)

V:   ... and GOMBÁS?

EJ: Gombás is different! It’s a special wine for special events! It is another dimension. Rich in taste, I would compare it to a memorable music experience that stays in your head for a long time. The aromas are also different here, dominated by the scent of fallen leaves and the forest in the autumn. Beside the fruit-driven style I like the deeper tones here. 

V: If it is a wine for special events, what dishes would you suggest with Gombás?

EJ: Well yes, that’s the problem with this wine...You will always look for “the” special event to open up a bottle, because it is worth a special moment. But believe me, it is not worth postponing it too long, so I suggest opening a bottle when your soul is calling
You don’t need a complex dish as a companion, the wine is in the leading role here, food is secondary. I would serve fine slices of Mangalitza bacon with some truffle cream. It will sweep anyone of their feet...:)

V: If these wines were music, which would be what? As we know, you are an ambitious music-lover, and you already compared Gombás to a music experience, so let’s continue this metaphor! :) 

EJ: I will definitely taste Pinot 2008 several times, it reminds me of a more lightsome music, like Nemorino’s aria from Donizetti’s L'elisir d'amore (The Elixir of Love). /Listen to the aria “Una furtiva lagrima” performed by Rolando Villazon!/

GOMBÁS reminds me of piece with more depth that you really have to pay attention to, like Norma’s aria in Bellini’s opera. Listen to Casta diva performed by Maria Callas! This piece requires a serious singer, like this wine a serious taster!