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2011. October 27. Thursday

November: the Month of Primeurs at Vylyan!

From 2nd to 30th November 2011

First wines of the vintage are in focus in November at Vylyan, they are fresh, bursting and cheekily young. The wines are complemented by various delicious goose dishes made for the honour of St. Martin’s.

Where does the adoration of primeurs come from? The French Beaujolais nouveau was said to be the first wine of the vintage that entered the market on the third Thursday of the month.
We are happy to announce that we overtook them and we release the first wines of the vintage on St. Martin’s Day, 11th November. Moreover you can taste our BOGYÓLÉ and Rosé at the end of October!

St. Martin was a fourth century Hungarian-born saint. There are many folk believes relating to him, and most have to do with geese and wine. This time of the year Hungarian people organise great feats with traditional goose dishes.  As the old saying goes, “Who does not eat goose on St. Martin’s Day, will be hungry all year”. According to the saying, the more primeur wine you drink the stronger and healthier you are... but keep within bounds! 

We dedicate the whole November to primeurs, so join us! We prepared the following programmes:

BOGYÓLÉ BEST OF exhibition in Pécs

More and more people already know the primeur wine of Vylyan Winery is called BOGYÓLÉ, made differently from other reds, the process is called whole cluster fermentation. It is also well known that for seven years now, with Vylyan’s design tender for the label of Bogyólé, we have been giving the opportunity to art students at the University of Pécs. By designing the label and students get the chance to introduce their talent to a wider audience while “Beaujolais” of the slopes of Villány can debut with new label costume year by year.

In November 2011 you will have the chance to take a look at the best Bogyólé labels from the last seven years, at BOGYÓÉ BEST OF (2005-2011) exhibition (location: Hattyúház Galery, Pécs; date: 10th-29th November).

•    Vernissage: 10th November Thursday 6 pm– exhibition opening with primeur wine tasting
•    Finissage: 29th November Sunday – art market first on the first Sunday of Advent

Delicious bites for St. Martin’s day and primeur wine tasting at Vylyan Winery

... Bogyólé is a "typical" Beaujolais nouveau style wine, it is really fresh and dynamic with the aromas of exotic and red berry fruits; opening a bottle will make you smile (just like the little bohemian on the bottle…).
The aperitif is the light and ethereal Rosé 2011, and the fresh aromas of the new vintage are accompanied by various delicious goose dishes made for the honour of St. Martin’s Day. 


St. Martin’s Day delicious bites:
stuffed gooseneck, smoked goose liver, goose breast, spicy goose fat with freshly baked bread and roast beetroot.

With the cold plate we offer four wines including Bogyólé and Rosé from 2011 vintage!

Between 2nd-30th November, on weekdays as well!
Price (wines and the goose menu): 4.200 HUF/person

Appointment is necessary!

Gábor Gönczöl - +36 30/376-0885
Gergő Jójárt – +36 30/458-10-97

How to find us?

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