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2011. July 15. Friday

Awards from London

from Decanter World Wine Awards

Hungarian wines achieved great results at Decanter World Wine Awards 2011, where 12252 wines from 44 countries competed. The jury made their evaluation based on varieties, quality and sales price. Interestingly, wines under 10 pounds and over competed in different categories.

It seems that the British are fond of Pinot Noir from the slopes of Villány. In 2006 we won Decanter Regional Trophy – one of our most prestigious awards – with Pinot Noir 2004. In 2010 Caroline Gilby, Master of Wine, wrote in Decanter magazine that Vylyan Pinot Noir 2006 is Hungary’s best Pinot to date.

After all we were really glad that in 2011 our first vineyard selection Pinot Noir, GOMBÁS (in English: mushroom) and its 'little brother' Vylyan Pinot Noir 2008 did well at Decanter World Wine Awards. They both won silver medal and so did Villányi Syrah 2008!