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2011. November 23. Wednesday


Christmas is coming soon and since we know Santa needs some help with the preparations, we are organising an ART FAIR AND GASTRO MARKET…

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2011. November 14. Monday

ART & WINE - Bogyólé Best of exhibition (10– 29 Nov.)

 If the pronunciation of Bogyólé is too big a challenge, try to say it similarly toBeaujolais. It’s not a far-fetched idea, as the production of…

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2011. November 8. Tuesday

Autumn Specials at Vylyan

The most colourful season, autumn, is here, it is the time of harvest and the primeurs, the most essential feast of grape and wine!…

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2011. November 7. Monday

A Vylyan “Vinitor” and Two Pinots - Erzsébet Jonasson’s Thoughts on GOMBÁS Pinot Noir Selection

The Vinitor Erzsébet Jonasson our “Vinitor” was appointed four years ago at the “Winery of the Year” Gala at the Four Seasons Hotel, in…

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