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2008. Dezember 29. Montag

The view from Hungary by Caroline Gilby MW

Hungary, December 29th 2008 Hungary has become another nation to receive a bail-out from the IMF to shore up its troubled banking systems and the…

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2008. Oktober 29. Mittwoch

Financial Times: Region uncorks its potential and brings cheer to visitors

Article about Villány in Financial Times (16 October 2008): Wine tourism: Region uncorks its potential and brings cheer to visitors By Kester Eddy Published: October…

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2008. Oktober 24. Freitag

In Weine wiedererlebte alte Legende

 Wir unterteilen unsere Weine in zwei Kategorien, dem Aufbau des Villanyer Herkunftsschutzsystems entsprechend: Classicus und Premium. Vom Herbst von 2008 kamen unsere classicus Weine mit…

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2008. September 1. Montag

Ördögkatlan Wine Festival (

The inside scoop on the first Ördögkatlan Wine Festival The first Ördögkatlan Wine Festival was held August 7-9 at four separate locations: Kisharsány, Nagyharsány, Palkonya,…

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2008. August 29. Freitag

Weingut des Jahres in Ungarn!

Nominees for the Winery of the Year are chosen by professionals of the wine business. The title was created to evaluate and acknowledge the standard…

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